Residential Services

Carat Pressure Washing is proud to serve the north metro Atlanta area with residential and commercial exterior wash services. From driveways and siding to storefronts and parking lots, our team can bring a new luster to your property. We serve the Cumming area as well as surrounding cities and counties.

Clean Feels Good.

There’s no better feeling than a clean home – inside and out. Carat Pressure Washing provides a variety of exterior wash services that can make your home shine like new again.


Pressure washing combines high-pressure water spray with bacteria-killing chemicals to remove residue and build-up on your driveway and exterior finishes. Carat Pressure Washing can remove mildew, mold, grime, dust, mud, dirt, loose paint, and even oil stains from concrete as well as other hard surfaces. We specialize in concrete cleaning but can also pressure wash brick, stone, siding, and wood. We focus on high-traffic areas with up to 4,000 psi to ensure a stain and slip-free surface!


Both wood and composite decks can build up mildew, dirt, and grime that dulls its luster and can make for slippery surfaces. The best way to protect wooden decks is with a specialized deck coating or oil-based stain that will deflect water for a greater period of time. Decks with regular foliage or canopy cover can often times remain wet and build up mold, mildew, and dirt at a higher rate than decks with direct sunlight. Pressure washing your untreated deck is critical for its longevity.

Porches & Patios

Here in the south, let’s all agree that a front porch really can make a bold statement. If you have a porch or patio that has been neglected or unwashed, Carat can spray the right blend of chemicals and follow it up with a powerful, but house-friendly pressure wash! We have the right equipment, attachments, and proportions to handle any slimy surface to shine up that diamond of a home you live in. Don’t spend another day on a grimy porch, patio, or pool deck…. Call us today!


Cleaning your gutters inside and out on a regular basis is critical to the health of your home. While we do not offer full-service gutter cleaning, we also don’t believe in doing a half-baked job for any of our customers. We stick to what we’re good at – and that is ensuring your gutters remain bright and shiny. Some jobs may call for a special gutter cleaning spray and a scrub brush but light pressure washing can really help. Contact Carat today to shine those gutters up nicely!


You invested money into your landscaping and mother earth is constantly trying to muddy it up! Beautify the stone and brick around your home with a proper pressure wash. While the look of moss is desired by some, it’s a nuisance to others. Our team can treat your hardscapes and gently pressure wash them to remove dirt, mud, moss, mildew, and even paint overspray. Stone paths and walkways can become slippery and unsafe if not treated. Call Carat today for a free quote! 

Fences + Gates

Nothing looks worse than a beautiful horse fence covered in mud and mildew. Black aluminum fences and metal gates can show green grime and build-up very easily and stand out like spinach in your teeth! If you have a wooden, aluminum, or composite fence that needs cleaning, trust our white-glove treatment. We can also treat and lightly pressure wash most gates to minimize annual buildup of natural elements that can erode the paint / finish of your property!

Trash Cans

We’ve all been there: It’s trash day and you head out to your plastic, rolling trash can to put it by the street. You bring out that last bag of trash to put in it, take a deep breath, lift the lid, and run way before your breakfast comes up. YUCK! An arsenal of bacteria, mold, and infestations can build in your trashcan from food and liquid spill-overs. As an added service, we can treat your trash cans with the right chemical mix and spray them out for a very low price. Starting at only $20/can!


Surface cleaning consists of primary “flat work” (driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.). We provide this pressure washing service with a 24″, 4,000 psi commercial surface cleaner that allows us to clean your property faster and more efficiently; saving you money in the end! Georgia weather can turn on a dime – from extreme heat and humidity to angry thunderstorms and can leave your driveway, sidewalks, and concrete patios looking pretty rough after a few seasons. Surface cleaning allows us to provide a consistent pressure to the applied surface that’s 24″ in diameter. We post-treat all of our surfaces with industry-standard sodium hypochlorite (diluted with water and mixed with a surfactant for adhesion) which will rid the surface of any streaks or lines.


We utilize our 24″ commercial grade surface cleaner to remove tire marks, dirt/mud, grease, and other oily build-ups that leave unsightly stains on your driveway. Surface cleaning is a low-cost, high-value service for our residential customers and is one of our most popular offerings. If you live in a wooded area, trees can drop leaves and pine needles which can leave harsh stains on your driveway. With proper chemical treatment, we can get your driveway shining!


In addition to driveways, sidewalks are just as important when it comes to maintaining a slip-free surface. High traffic areas of your property like sidewalks can produce a lot of dirt and build-up. Many sidewalks are near flower beds which can also produce erosion that can runoff onto sidewalks. The Carat team will blow off dry debris, pretreat with sodium hypochlorite, and spray away the mess that’s left from natural elements. We’ll keep your sidewalks and paths clean!


Patios can come in all shapes and sizes. From poured and stamped concrete to high-end bricks and pavers – we can brighten up your favorite relaxation and entertainment areas. Before you host your next evening pool party or outdoor get-together! Carat can treat and wash pool decks, gazebos, under-deck terraces, and more! Certain environments may require direct pressure washing but, as you should expect, we’ll assess your job and provide a suitable cleaning solution for you!


Soft washing is a low-pressure service for surfaces that are sensitive to traditional high-pressure washing. We use this technique to gently remove mold, mildew, moss, surface stains, and other natural buildup that leaves streaks on shingles, siding, brick, and more. Utilizing our professional-grade nozzles, we’re able to reach up to 40′ when soft washing so even the tallest southern homes are no match for Carat Pressure Washing. You can read further below to find out more about our soft wash applications!

House Washing

While traditional pressure washing has many benefits and applications, house washing isn’t one of them. The high pressure that comes from 4,000 psi / 4 GPM (gallons per minute) commercial machines like ours can cause damage to siding, soffits, and more. That’s why we utilize a soft washing method for homes. Proper soft washing is done by applying a proportioned chemical mixture that’s safe for homes, letting it sit and penetrate build-up, and rinsing it thoroughly. Instead of pressure being the cleaning factor, we lean heavily on our chemical mixture.

Roof Washing

Does your roof have black streaks and stains? That’s not just dirt and debris… it’s actually a bacteria that can live on your shingles called Gloeocapsa Magma. It doesn’t just stain them; it erodes them which can be very costly in the long-run. When we soft wash roofs, we’re killing this harmful bacteria along with mold spores and algae that can eat away at your shingles as well. Soft washing removes dirt and debris without the need of a high-pressure system. If you want to preserve your roof and improve your curb appeal, contact us for a soft roof wash today! 

The Carat Difference

There’s no point in providing service without value. When we arrive to review your job, you can expect a full walkthrough and analysis of your exterior wash needs. We’ll listen to your immediate needs and inform you of any additional areas of service that might be needed. Our pricing is reflective of our quality and you’ll see how we leverage decades of consulting experience and customer service to make your home shine.