Commercial Services

Carat Pressure Washing is proud to serve the north metro Atlanta area with commercial exterior wash and surface cleaning services. From retail sidewalks and storefronts to gas stations and parking lots, our team can bring a new luster to your commercial property. We serve the Cumming area as well as surrounding cities and counties.

Attract More Customers.

First impressions are everything – especially in business. Keeping the exterior of your commercial property clean is vital to trust-building and curb appeal. Carat Pressure Washing can shine up the outside so you can get more customers inside! Here’s what we offer:


Soft washing is a low-pressure service for surfaces that are sensitive to traditional high-pressure washing. This service is heavily targeted towards homeowners and residential applications, however, the same methods are applied to commercial buildings. We utilize a soft washing technique to gently remove mold, mildew, moss, surface stains, and other natural buildup that can leave streaks on shingles, siding, brick, and more. Commercial properties can often produce heavy rain runoff, resulting in rust and dirt stains near downpipes. We utilize our professional-grade nozzles to reach up to 40′, allowing us to clean most roofs as well as most types of exterior surfaces. You can read further below to find out more about our commercial soft wash applications!

Retail Storefronts

If you’re a commercial property owner or property management company, it’s important to support your loyal tenants by investing in a clean storefront for them. Pressure washing and soft washing with the proper chemicals can remove hand prints, dust, pollen, and other natural build-up. We can provide a la carte service for your property as well as discounted quarterly, bi-annual, and annual service contracts to keep your tenants happy and confident!

Office Buildings

Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes. Carat Pressure Washing can service commercial office buildings up to 3 stories with soft washing, light pressure washing, and window cleaning. Atlanta weather can be harsh on office buildings – bringing heavy rain and winds that can spread debris across windows, brick, stucco, and more. A clean office environment for your tenants can help boost their confidence and professional optics – resulting in more successful businesses!

Industrial & Warehouse

If you own or manage an industrial property, you know how quick dirt, grime, grease, and dust can build up. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses commonly house large commercial buildings that can produce various types of waste, pollutants, and runoff material – resulting in stains on the exterior of your prized investment. Carat Pressure Washing can provide both “on-the-go” or routine exterior washing services for your industrial buildings!


Surface cleaning consists of primary “flat work” (sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor patios, and more. This type of pressure washing service is performed with a 24″, 4,000 psi commercial surface cleaner that allows us to clean your property faster and more efficiently! Georgia weather can turn on a dime – from extreme heat and humidity to angry thunderstorms and can leave rust, pine needle, leaf, and other types of unsightly stains. Surface cleaning allows us to wash flat concrete and paved areas to keep customers feeling confident and the city off of your back! We post-treat all of our surfaces with industry-standard sodium hypochlorite (diluted with water and mixed with a surfactant for adhesion) which will rid the surface of any streaks or lines.

Retail Sidewalks

Property Management companies can rely on Carat Pressure Washing to deliver professional exterior cleaning services to large-scale strip center sand retail shopping areas. Ensuring a clean storefront for retail tenants can drive more walk-in traffic and ensure dirt, debris, and natural elements don’t build up that could create slippery/unsafe surfaces for consumers. Exterior cleanliness is more than just about optics – it’s about safety! Let’s get you safe and clean! 

Gas Stations

Gas stations are notorious for grime, grease, and dirt build-up. The constant rush of people in a hurry can leave tire marks, food/drink stains, and grime splattered all over trash cans, pumps, and concrete. Carat Pressure Washing can pressure wash and surface clean gas stations in off-peak hours to ensure sales aren’t impacted. Pre-treating with a degreaser / bleach mix, surface cleaning, and post-treating will ensure a bright, slip-free filling for your customers!

Dumpster Pads

Dumpster pad cleaning might sound like an obscure offering but it can really benefit your business and keep the city off of your back! Unsightly, dirty dumpsters can attract unwanted wildlife and stink up the back of your commercial property. Investing in dumpster pad surface cleaning and dumpster washing can decontaminate and disinfect which will increase overall curb appeal of your building. Keep your dumpster pads looking and smelling clean with Carat!

The Carat Difference

There’s no point in providing service without value. When we arrive to review your job, you can expect a full walkthrough and analysis of your exterior wash needs. We’ll listen to your immediate needs and inform you of any additional areas of service that might be needed. Our pricing is reflective of our quality and you’ll see how we leverage decades of consulting experience and customer service to make your home shine.